Park with Confidence in Huntsville, AL

Parking in a crowded city is not always easy.  Especially, when there are people standing-by, adding to the pressure.  Park with confidence with the help of Volkswagen's innovative new driver assist feature: automatic parking steering assistance.  This feature simplifies your park job by scanning the space to see if there's enough room.  From there, the system helps to guide you into the spot, while you man the accelerator, brake and gears.  Check out the video below to see the helpful feature in action.


The sensors on your new Volkswagen will ensure that your car can easily maneuver into the spot.  Say goodbye to pressured parking with the help of automatic parking steering assistance.  Interested to learn more? Visit Hiley Volkswagen of Huntsville to try out the new system for yourself and to explore our exciting Volkswagen inventory.  Equipped with the advanced technology that you truly need, our rides will help you to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.

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