And if you're looking to sell, we'd be more than happy to make you an offer. We know that there are any number of avenues to explore when it comes to selling your car these days. But if you look to your local used car dealer or opt to sell it yourself online, you may run into some surprising and fairly inconvenient roadblocks. Luckily, here at our Huntsville, AL VW dealership, we constantly strive to make selling your used car as simple as possible.

So, why turn to our Huntsville, AL dealership to sell your used car over any other car dealer in the area? Well for one thing, we'll buy your used car even if you don't buy from us. You see, unlike a lot of other used car dealers around Huntsville, we buy all makes and models of used vehicle. So, whether you own a used VW vehicle or another used car, we're eager to make you an offer on your vehicle. And while other used car dealers may precondition buying your car on you buying your next vehicle at their dealership, we make no such stipulations here at Hiley VW of Huntsville.

Plus, it's only too easy to get an estimate on your car's value right from our website. There's no need for a lengthy in-person appraisal; just enter a bit of information on your car into our website and you'll have an accurate estimate on what your car is worth in minutes. Then if you like that offer, just swing by our showroom here in Huntsville, AL and we'll be happy to buy your used car today!