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VW Coolant Fluid Exchange

Volkswagen Coolant Fluid Exchange in Huntsville, AL

Volkswagen manufactures excellent internal combustion engines known for fuel efficiency, reliability, and long-lasting performance. Coolant fluid is necessary to protect the engine from overheating while encouraging the optimal operating temperature for maximum fuel efficiency. Continuing to get the best engine performance requires routine coolant fluid inspections and exchange service when contaminated or leaked. We complete coolant fluid exchanges according to certified Volkswagen standards with certified technicians and VW-authorized fluid. Schedule a coolant fluid exchange service today at Hiley Volkswagen of Huntsville, AL.

Coolant Fluid & Maintenance 

Coolant fluid is a vital engine temperature stabilizer that keeps the engine cool in all seasons and prevents the water inside the engine cooling system from freezing in sub-zero temperatures. It is a 50/50 mix of water and propylene or ethylene glycol. Coolant fluid requires exchange maintenance because it can get contaminated with enough use or if a head gasket gets worn and allows coolant to mix with motor oil. Coolant fluid exchange involves removing the old fluid and installing new fluid.

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Bad Coolant Fluid Indicators

Drivers should know the signs of bad coolant fluid and get prompt maintenance if any show up. Here are the bad coolant fluid indicators: 

  • Engine's average operating temperature increases 
  • Coolant is low and requires topping off 
  • Coolant found leaking/puddled under the vehicle 
  • Coolant has foam, bubbles, or appears milky

Certified Volkswagen Coolant Fluid Exchange Service Summarized

Coolant fluid exchange service starts with a certified technician draining the old coolant fluid from the engine cooling system. We perform a visual engine cooling system inspection that includes the hoses, water pump, radiator, and pressure cap. Components allowing coolant fluid to escape will need to be repaired. If no further action is needed, we install VW-authorized coolant fluid to the specified capacity. Coolant fluid exchanges include a complimentary multi-point inspection.

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Don't forget to schedule home/office pick-up and delivery or set up a complimentary Uber/Lyft ride when scheduling your coolant fluid exchange. Local Volkswagen drivers in Madison, Harvest, Athens, and Huntsville, AL book appointments in one of three ways: by phone, walk-in, or online scheduler. Customers benefit from the online service scheduler's speed and convenience because it's always available and can get your appointments booked just as fast or faster than making a phone call.


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